Parent Reps

  • Collect all mountain liability release forms for racers, coaches, and parent volunteers. Give signed and printed forms to the Metro League Secretary.
  • Coordinate/confirm required OISRA Represented School Agreement or OISRA Permission to use School Name form is signed by the coach and the athletic director. Turn in to OISRA.
  • Ensure that Metro League Invoice forms and dues are submitted ($50 per racer) to the Metro League Treasurer.
  • Collect signed OISRA Consent to Release Educational Records from racers and turn in to OISRA.


All racers must register with OISRA, sign consent to release educational records, and sign a mountain liability release form for each resort. Meadows also requires a Consent to Treat form for racers under 18 years old. Forms should be turned into your Parent Rep.


All coaches must register with OISRA, complete required training, sign liability release forms for each mountain resort, complete coaches packets for each mountain resort, and sign OISRA Represented School Agreement/Permission to use School Name form.


All volunteers and officials must sign a liability release for each mountain resort.

OISRA Volunteer Registration is necessary for volunteers and officials not registered as part of the student registration.