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Coaches, Parents, Officials, & Racers,


Welcome to the 2020 OISRA Sportsmanship Program!

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This program is put on at the OISRA level and participated in across member leagues.  The purpose of the program is to encourage, promote and acknowledge helpful, considerate, sportsmanlike conduct on (and off) the hill.  To learn more about the OISRA Sportsmanship Program click here:


Participation will require three elements as follows:

  • A willingness by the racer to participate in the program
  • Knowledge of ‘Your Responsibility Code’ (on-mountain rules)
  • Exhibiting good sportsmanship actions and attitudes throughout the competitive season

Coaches, race officials, gatekeepers, and parents will monitor and make note of exemplary competitor conduct on race days. I am also excited to announce that for the 2020 season we will be adding a Peer to Peer recognition element to the scoring so racers can recognize each other. Prizes will be awarded for the top athletes who have earned the most points during the current racing season. In addition, the Annual Outstanding Snow Sportsperson Award (OSSA) will be awarded at the end of the season to the top boy and girl of each league within the OISRA who exemplify and exhibit virtuous snow sport-oriented behaviors.


3 Easy ways to cast your sportsmanship nominations:

  1. Comment cards at the race
  2. Link off this page to online form
  3. QR code at top & bottom of course day of race

There will be two nomination portals:

One point will be earned for each good sportsmanship action. An additional point can be earned for the athlete’s knowledge of the responsibility code. Consequently, this means that parents, volunteers, and coaches need to be familiar with the rules as well. Scoring cards will be available on race days inside the lodge at the check-in table. Please take a handful with you each morning of race day and keep them in your pockets. As you become aware of good sportsman-like conduct on the hill, please stop that individual, ask for their name and ski team, and ask them a few questions that are printed on the card, and then fill out the card appropriately. The cards should be either given to the Sportsmanship Coordinator, Morgan Hartnell, returned to the check-in desk after the race is completed, or you may email the information from the card that night or next day to:

Sportsmanship QR Codes